"(Don't do it) unless it comes out of your soul like a rocket." 

- Charles Bukowski

About Me

I've been both a rocket scientist and a radio astronomer, and now I'm harnessing my powers for science communication to share my love of the Universe.

I’m the Director of Outreach for Columbia University’s Department of Astronomy.

I’m also a freelance science writer and communicator. My work has been published in The AtlanticSmithsonianNow.SpaceScientific AmericanSlate, and Nautilus. I’ve also hosted and appeared in science and STEM educational videos for NBC NewsCity University of New York, and Disney Junior. You can find all my work under the Portfolio tab (from the drop down menu, upper left). You can also chose to view writing, audio, video, or events separately. 

In all my spare time, I help out at The Rachel Maddow Show as their in-house astrophysicist.

And if I have any time left over after that, I spend it bringing astronomy + fashion together as a co-founder of STARtorialist and astronomy + night life together with Astronomy on Tap

I also enjoy communicating solely in GIFs whenever humanly possible.